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Looking for a Windows 10 UWP version of WAT? Find it here:

Now in two flavors, Windows Universal and Android


The Web App Template can now take your web apps even further. The WAT now has a build for Windows Universal and Android. Both versions support the WC3 spec for Manifest for Web Apps while allows you to use the same manifest to configure both apps (along with your web site). Also, testing is now easy with the WAT Roller tool available for both Windows and Android, you can see how your app will work right from your device.

What is the Web App Template

Web App Template is a tool that uses your Web App as the core for a full featured Store App for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8. The Web App Template (WAT) is implemented as a Visual Studio template that you install through our one click installer. You can then start a new project type of “Web App Template”. Plug your Web App values into the config file, and hit F5 to see it run.

At runtime, the WAT project will then take your Web App and config data (meta data), and build the Windows Store App:


WAT provides the key features most Web Apps will need to perform as a store app such as back buttons, navigation, Offline support, charm integration and much more.

The Web App Template allows you to use your web development skills and you’re touch friendly, responsive Web Apps to create high quality Windows Apps. Download the installer and get started today.

Source Code

git clone


In order to install the Web App Template you need to have Visual Studio 2013(Windows Store Express, Pro or Ultimate) or later and a machine or VM running windows 8.1. The Windows Phone 8 template requires that you have the Windows Phone SDK or Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone.

Then, download the installer for the appropriate project type and double click to install. Then choose “new project” from the file menu and select “web app template” from the file types.

New: Android version of WAT tool, download the source code and use it as your base project in Android Studio.

Quick Start:

  1. Install the template. Note There are two installers, the Windows Phone 8 installer shows up in the C# projects, and the Universal Template Installer appears under the JavaScript Projects.
  2. In visual Studio, start a new Project and select the project type “Web App Template” under the JavaScript (universal) or C# (WP8) Section.
  3. Open the “config.json” file in the config folder, and enter data about your Web App
  4. Hit F5 and see you app in Action
  5. Update your app images and app details in the app manifest
  6. Submit to the store and reach new users


There are many ways to contribute to Web App Template.
Discuss implementation and feature requests in the forums.
Submit bugs and help us verify fixes as they are checked in.
Explore the source code branches.


A full documentation can be found at

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