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Flicker and site resize on phone with HD resoulution screen

Sep 9, 2014 at 6:36 PM

I created a prototype for a WAT application and ti runns ok.
I test it on 2 devices: a Lumia 630 (with a resolution of 854 x 480px) and a Lumia 1520 with Full HD resolution.

On the Lumia 630 with the low resolution and also on the 4" emulator the app/page looks nice and it even shows some "animation" when sliding in.

But on the Lumia 1520 with full HD resolution, when a site is (like the start page) is shown for the first time it is shown on the top, left site on the screen, filling about only the half of the screen for about 1/2 second - after this the page is "rescaled" to fill the screen.

Of course this "site resizing" is not what a user wants to see - the site should be shown in the full size from the beginning.

When opening the site in the web browser on the phone (on the lumia 1520) everything looks ok, which means: The site is shown "expanded" to the full screen immediately.

Does anybody know, what causes this issue?

best regards,