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Live tile not working in 1.0.3


I've noticed that all the apps I've built on 1.0.3 have an issue with the live tile not working.

I get no option to turn live tile on or off when the app is installed.

They all tend to use the Facebook page as an RSS feed, but this was not a problem prior to v1.0.x (not sure exactly which version I last saw this working)

An example of the JSON is as follows:
    "livetile": {
        "enabled": true,
        "periodicUpdate": 1,
        "enableQueue": true,
        "tilePollFeed": ""
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jwiese wrote Feb 25, 2014 at 8:33 PM

Seeing the same thing with facebook feeds but not RSS feeds that I pull from web pages via IE. In other words, if it's an RSS feed that IE recognizes then it does appear to work. When you put the URL above (Facebook RSS url) into IE it diesplays a broken image type glyph and the page source "appears" to be valid RSS/ATOM but IE doesn't recognize it as valid.

Did Facebook change something that is causing this perhaps? or is it malformed in such a way that our parser no longer can parse it I wonder.