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Help with Azure push Notifications

I am trying to wrap up my MVC5 webapp as a WAT so I can take advantage of Azure notification hub/push but since there is no VS2015 implementation of WAT, I have to use VS 2013. However if you use ...

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Cannot install WAT 2.2.

Error says .NET framework not installed. I have VS 2013 Update 4. This means I actually have .NET 4.5. Trying to install .NET framework 4.5 gives error that the framework is already installed.

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SuperCache not working

Not sure if this is just me as well but having an issue with SuperCache. I have the default WAT project (universal) and in the config.json I set superCache to true and run the app and I get an exce...

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Default search does not bring up keyboard

I am trying to determine if this is a bug or not. When using the WAT out of the box (no config changes), tapping into the search box does not bring up the keyboard. I tried this on Windows 8.1 and ...

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x.Shared.projitems and Universal.jsproj is not found

Running the latest Visual Studio 2013 with Update 4 and tried to create a new app with the Universal template, but I see this error when it´s created. What´s wrong?

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Unable to Run the app

A project with an Output Type type of class library can not be started directly. This error is shown when i try the standard template .Any suggestions?

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Share charm error on SuperCacheManager class not registered

I added a share option to config.json, but when I click on the Share charm when running my Windows 8.1 app, I get a JavaScript runtime error: Class not registered. It is referring to the SuperCache...

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Move privacy label from settings.js to config.json

Support "Privacy" term localization: settings.js old if (WAT.config.settings.privacyUrl) { e.detail.e.request.applicationCommands.append( new Windows.UI.ApplicationSet...

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Encode search queries

In wat.js replace handleSearchQuery = function (e) { var query = e.queryText; if (e.detail.queryText) { query = e.detail.queryText; } var searchUrl =

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Version 1.1 Solution and Project Files Not Created

After installing WAT version 1.1 attempting to create new WAT project does not complete. The solution and project folders are created, but that's it. No files or other folders are created for the...

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