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Popup Dialogs on phone not working

Sep 11, 2014 at 1:14 PM
my WAT applications encapsulates a mobile websit which has a feature "find offers near me". This uses the location service on the phone.

When executed on the phone browser, a "native" popup dialog is shown that asks, if the website is allowed to access the current location. When the user allows this, the website shows search results near the users location.

When I click on this button of the website inside the WAT application nothing happens.
No dialog is shown and not search result.

A similar problem occurse, when trying to upload images.
This works in the phone browser - the image selection dialog is shown, images can be selected and they are uploaded to the page too.

When the same action is executed in the WAT application nothing happens - the click on the "browse" button does not trigger any action.

Is there something that needs to be "activated" so WAT apps can show pupus or a file selection dialog? My assumption was that WAT apps work exactly the same way as the mobile website on the browser + has some additional commands for sharing.

It seems this is not the case since the site behaves different when run in the mobile phone browser or in the WAT app on the same phone.